Whisky Rebellion, The

The Whisky Rebellion - Snakes

“The Whisky Rebellion are the embodiment of rock & roll and heavy metal. We aren’t a bunch of guys that play metal to get laid, nor do we wear spandex. We play loud, heavy rock & roll because we all have a love for it. We will out play, out party, and out rock any band in our genre!” –Johnny Burns

The Whisky Rebellion was founded in 2008 by its Father Member Johnny Burns as a metal project used to put out the most straightforward, in-your-face hard rock music that is in the market. Influenced by bands like Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Metallica, Man-O-War, and too many other artists to mention, The Whisky Rebellion blends all of these hard rock and metal influences into a wonderful cocktail of heavy rhythm with melodic lead guitar, backed by a jarring rhythm section of perfectly-timed bass and drums that will actually make your chest thump. The band\’s initial co-creator and current manager Matt Stookey aided in recording the band’s first full length EP, “The Sweetest Thing,” in October of 2009, and a re-release with 2 unheard tracks in June 2010.

The band’s concept is a familiar-yet-simple one: ARRIVE, RAISE HELL, LEAVE.

“You will never see an off night of the band. We will show up and tear ass in front of 5, 50, 500, or 5 million people.” –Matt Stookey

Its current lineup boasts Johnny Burns on lead guitar and vocals, Kevin “The Grim One” Grem on drums, Garret Sinagra on guitars and vocals, and Tim Sterling on bass. This “Brotherhood Of Badassery,” as they have been called, is now a very proficient and accomplished lineup, and is pushing for a major gig phase and possible tour in 2011.


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